Consortium médical européen

The European Medical Consortium is a strategic alliance between Morgan'IT, Kisano and TER'aID in collaboration with C2 Innovativ'Systems, Sogeres, Grita, Most medical, BBEEG platform ...

The objective is to maintain and improve health services, equitable access to healthcare and the well-being of European citizens through the provision and implementation of telehealth solution, its associated services (conception, deployment, formation, change support ...) and equipment and infrastructure for institutions using these services.

The European medical consortium is:

  • telemedicine platform including a range of personalized services (sharing and archiving of medical images, video conferencing, e-learning, web portal ....)
  • hoster for healthcare data and secure high-speed network
  • software editors: medical monitoring, psychiatric teleconsultation, radiological teleexpertise, telethrombolyse, teleimaging ...
  • integrator specialized in healthcare environment
  • lawyers specialized in healthcare environment and new technologies

Medicinag is based on the following expertise:

  • Morgan’IT, specialist in management and deployment of telehealth projects;
  • Kisano, specialist in software edition and integration of solution to manage, exchange and share dematerialized data of digital medical imagery;
  • TER'aID, editor of software to geolocate people, alert the population...

In collaboration with:

  • C2 Innovativ’Systems, specialist in integration of global security solutions;
  • Sogeres, manufacturer of medical and radiology electronic devices;
  • Grita, hoster of healthcare data;
  • Most médical, sales and provision of medical equipment;
  • BBEEG platform.

In addition, the Consortium has established a medical scientific committee composed of oncologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, geriatricians, obstetric gynecologists, hematologists, hepato-gastroenterologists, nephrologists, neurologists, pediatricians, pulmonologists, psychiatrists, rheumatologists, trauma, senologists... Members are invited to give advice and provide their contribution and expertise on the various projects of the consortium.

On the strength of professional experiences and pooling of expertise, knowledge and skills, thanks to relationships of trust established for many years with various health professionals, the medical European Consortium contributes significantly to the well-being of European citizens.